Last Minute Travel Gifts for Anyone With Wanderlust

Last Minute Travel Inspiring Gifts for Anyone with Wanderlust

Oh snap, your friend who is always traveling just came home. You thought they were somewhere sunbathing in SE Asia but now you’re going to see them during the holidays. Don’t stress, I have compiled here a solid list of last minute travel gifts for anyone with wanderlust. Amazon prime is going to be your best friend you little present procrastinator.

Also, FRIENDS AND FAMILY, I will happily accept any of these gifts myself LOL.

An Airbnb gift card

Staying in an Airbnb rental offers an experience different from a traditional hotel, but some hosts have really gone the extra mile. Offering everything from wagons and tents to medieval castles, there are plenty of truly unique places to stay — and many of them are surprisingly inexpensive. Maybe a condo with an ocean/city view in Thailand for less than $50 a night? Did I mention the infinity pool?  What about an open-air eco loft in the middle of a Guatemalan rainforest with volcano views for less than $60 a night? Feel like splurging a little bit for a romantic getaway? Then this secluded treehouse in Atlanta is for you.

An Airbnb gift card is PERFECT for your friend that can’t stop talking about travel. If you’ve worked up a bit of wanderlust after looking up some places then rest assure, save $40 on your first trip when you sign up with my referral codes.


Airline gift card

What better way to inspire some travel than to give an airline gift card? Maybe you’re trying to get your girlfriend to book that weekend trip to Amsterdam you always talked about? Well whether you want to fly domestically or internationally there are TONS of airlines that offer gift cards. Any traveler will appreciate a bit of help to book their dream vacation. Airlines like Alaska Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Southwest, Delta, American Airlines, Norwegian, EVEN RyanAir offer gift cards.


Scratch Map

For my birthday this year, I received my first scratch map. I have seen these all over the internet, huge maps where you scratch off where you’ve been. Each time you scratch off the map transforms into a piece of art. The one I have is becoming a gorgeous watercolor view of the world. Not to mention it’s totally making me realize that I have SO MANY places that I need to add to my places to see list. Any avid traveler will appreciate this map.




This Stunning Luggage Tag Set

Keep your bag in check with this luggage tag set. The tags made by Eccolo come in sets of three and each is as pretty as the next. A perfect gift for your friend who insists on over packing and checking way too many bags of luggage.




A List to Remind you What to Pack

It’s the worst feeling when you finally get to your destination to realize you forgot something back at home. Forget that. This notepad is perfect for your friend who always has to borrow your stuff on holiday because they forgot to pack everything.




A Journal

I have been getting journals as gifts for years and I absolutely adore it. I am a firm believer in recording my experiences so that I can relive those warm and amazing feelings over and over again. This moleskin journal has 208 pages, a sheet of stickers, detachable lists, lined and dotted pages. This will make a perfect companion for your friend who’s out finding themselves on the road.




Passport Holder

This affordable passport holder is perfect that person who can’t stop getting their passport stamped. It’s made to fit a passport, cash, and a few credit cards and has RFID blocking lining to keep your loved one’s information safe. It’s even $2.00 off right now! You know ya girl loves a sale!





This one may seem a little silly but take it from me, I can never have too many toiletries. I literally have a box of toiletries in my filing cabinet and before every trip, I go through the box and grab one I need. It’s super convenient and saves me a trip to the store. If you’re looking for a practical gift that you know your loved ones will get some use out of then you can never go wrong with toiletries.

I hope this alleviates some of your holiday shopping and gets some gifts out of your way. Happy Holidays Everyone! 🎅🏻🎄🎁

-Chantel @ Voyaging Vagabond

Last Minute Travel Inspiring Gifts for Anyone with Wanderlust

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