Flights on the cheap

With my group of friends I’m known for two things. 1. I have an unruly addiction to buying plane tickets and 2. I always get my flights for dirt cheap. My secret on how I get such cheap flights is usually something I guard closely. But I’m feeling all sorts of generous with the holiday season quickly approaching so here it goes.

  1. Don’t leave a trace. Every single travel website will use cookies when you visit their site. What that means is if you continuously search a specific flight on a certain site the price will gradually rise. The intention of the site is if you (the buyer) see the price constantly increase you will be more likely to purchase that flight. However, if you use incognito mode on Chrome then you can search without any worry of price increases. Cookies will never save and the price you see on that first search will never rise (unless you wait too long to book).
  2. Open up those tabs. Whenever I search a flight I have at least 4 different travel search engines open. You should do the same that way you can assure you’re getting the best price.
  3. It’s all about where you look. There are thousands of sites that you can buy a plane ticket from. But very few will search ALL the possible airlines. Every time I’ve gotten a great deal it’s by checking a couple of different sites. My personal favorites are momondo, skyscanner, kayak, orbitz and cheapoair.
  4. Be Flexible. Sure I get it, you can only get certain days off because you have a job, kids, a life. Everybody has something but flexibility can be a lifesaver on your wallet. Leaving on a Tuesday, Thursday or even Saturday can be hundreds of dollars cheaper. Many of the websites above have an option to search the entire week or even month. USE IT!! By changing your dates around a little you can easily stack up some cash to spend in your new destination.
  5. Know when to buy. Tuesdays are the cheapest days to buy plane tickets. I wish I knew why but I don’t. But trust me, it’s the truth.
  6. Spam is your friend. Sign up for the newsletters on travel sites. Like the airline pages on Facebook. A lot of times these places will let you know of sales that typically would totally fly under your radar. Not to mention these sales are no joke. The other day I was alerted of flights from Boston to Berlin for $379!! Whattttt! I’m not kidding people.
  7. Get a little lazy. Sites like airfarewatchdog and hopper will literally do the research for you. Know where you want to go and when? Pop that info into these websites and they will let you know when the best deal comes up and when to buy.

These tips will absolutely save you cash on your next trip. Take it from me, I’ve flown round trip to South America on my all time favorite airline (Jetblue <3) for just over $500. I’ve gotten plane tickets to Europe round trip for less than $700. I’ve found round trip tickets to Costa Rica for less than $400. I even purchased a round trip plane ticket that will take me from the east coast to the west coast on non stop flights for $225.

Air travel isn’t the expensive endeavor everyone makes it out to be. It just takes a little bit of time and research. I hope these tips will drastically help your next search. Ever need a hand? Feel free to contact me. Some girls look up deals on shoes, I look up deals on flights hahaha. Keep exploring the world guys!

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