New England at its Finest.

Fall, the time for basic girls to run out and grab their pumpkin spice lattes and for everybody to complain about the warm weather disappearing. There are plenty of great things to enjoy when this season rolls around. However, there is one thing in particular about autumn that I always seem to forget about. That being the changing of the leaves.

People from out of state will ACTUALLY travel to New England in the fall JUST to see the leaves change. I always thought that was crazy growing up, like people planning their vacation over this fall phenomenon. Now having travelled to all these different regions coming home always feels like the worst to me. There is no scenery, the land is flat and nothing really awes me. Granted, I probably feel this way because I’ve lived here all my life, but I digress. So to imagine people coming to New England for a fall vacation never really made sense to me.

Until I went up to Andover, New Hampshire this past weekend and stayed at my friend’s lake house. Walking out onto the porch I was completely blown away by the view before me. Mt. Kearsarge was dressed in trees of all different shades. Dark pines left the mountain top sheltered in green while the rest of the mountain looked like each tree was dipped in a different vat of paint. Oranges, yellows, greens and reds of all different hues covered this mountain. Bob Ross couldn’t even create trees this gorgeous.

This mountain displaying the epitome of fall in New England hugged Bradley Lake and flooded me with all the warm and fuzzy feelings of serenity and happiness. I couldn’t believe I took this breathtaking occurrence for granted for so long. I felt so at peace, so happy to be with the friends I was with and so happy to call this region my home.

Needless to say, I totally understand why out of staters rush here in the fall. There is something so unbelievably alluring and calming about looking out onto all these trees and seeing a rainbow of autumn hues. If you’ve never experienced a fall in New England, get your ass here, you certainly will NOT regret it.


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