Quitting is the WORST

So, I quit my jobs to go travel…

At this moment, life is throwing ya girl some prospects that require taking a leap of faith, leaving what I know and hopping on a plane. I would LOVE to say that I’m one of those people who happily quit their job to go travel around the world. You know, those eat, pray, love types. Someone who up and quit their job without a single care and hopped on the next flight. Sure I’m excited, who wouldn’t be, but all that excitement comes with a considerable price.

20160411_124708 (1)
I want this Peruvian kid’s outfit

For the past few years my main source of income has come from nannying. Which means that quitting doesn’t mean just telling my ridiculously amazing bosses I’m leaving, but it means breaking the news to some awesome kids I’ve grown REALLY attached too.

It would probably be easier if I took care of awful kids who colored on walls and screamed whenever passing the toy aisle at Target. But I don’t.

In fact, I’ve gotten to take care of children who make me laugh on a regular basis, who make me so incredibly proud with each accomplishment and are just all around great people whom I consider my pint sized friends.

So while yes, it is my time to go because new opportunities await, it is not without a heavy heart. I don’t foresee our relationships diminishing anytime in the future but I will certainly miss all the fun I get to have with them everyday.

I will miss the Q&A’s about Harry Potter.

I will miss the weekly visit to the library to see our favorite librarians.

I will miss the joy and wonder of seeing you all grow each day.

But then I remind myself, such is life. Moving on is part of growing which I still have a lot of doing myself. While I may not get to see them all the time, it will make the times I do get to see them even more special. So like my backpack, I will carry them with me wherever I go.

[To L, L & T]

If for some reason you ever stumble upon this in the future, I want to thank you. Thank you so much for showing me so much more about myself than I ever knew. For reminding me that life should never be taken too seriously. That sometimes adults need to slide down the stairs on their tummies too, pull a prank and remember how good it feels to soar high on the swings.

Thank you forever and always for keeping me young at heart. I will never take your friendships and our time together for granted and I cannot WAIT to see what special things you will all accomplish in the future. I promise Stephy and I will always keep in touch and offer a very cool place to visit once you all get older <3. Love you dudes.



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