My First DIY Floral Arrangement Class: A Review of Alice’s Table

Alice's Table Review

For those of you who follow me on FB then I’m sure you know by now that I have grown a TADDD obsessed with flowers. I am in FULL BLOWN spring fever! Finally, we here in New England are shaking off the winter chill and embracing this beautifully blooming season. I even managed to have a beach day the other day, gorgeous tan (which initially was a heinous sunburn) included!


Wicked Tulip Farm. Johnston, RI


Aside from loving every moment of these little miracles popping up from the ground, I really wanted to take this new spring feeling to make myself better. I feel now being in my mid-20’s I forget that I need to challenge myself to learn new things. I recently took up cross stitching, would love to learn how to play the piano and *try* to consistently brush up on some languages. Which is why I am always on the hunt for ways to learn something unique, a skill that would be special to me.

Now, THIS is where I get to tell you guys how I found something that magically combined my love for all things flowers and my undying quest for knowledge. Alice’s Table is a pop up DIY floral arrangement class that offers classes all over the United States. Lucky for me, the day before, I found out a friend of a friend was hosting an Alice’s Table event at her store, Home Imagined (Providence, RI). I WAS IN!

As soon as I walked into the store, the smell of fresh cut flowers gave off the most pleasant fragrance. Home Imagined was the perfect setting for this class, a distinct home decor store in the West Side neighborhood of Providence. Wayyyy more than your typical home decor boutique, Home Imagined hosts DIY workshops for people like myself looking to learn some new skills.

Home Imagined. Providence, RI

The buckets upon buckets of flowers blended perfectly with the vintage, chic design of the store. Down a long table were neat little workstations adorned with ruscus. Each person was set up with a vase which had an apron, shears and a rose stripper tucked inside.  I could feel my green thumbs getting ready to make something purrrtty.

My little set up

A glass of wine and a couple of mini cupcakes later the class was ready to go. Tracey our teacher from Alice’s Table told us that we were going to be making a water based arrangement using hydrangeas, roses, football mums, hypericum berries, protea and of course, ruscus. At first, I was like “Okay, but what if I totally muck this up and my heavy hands break all of these flowers.” But Tracey was adamant that the beauty of floral arrangement was that you really couldn’t mess this up (THANK GOD). She would remind us that Alice’s Table was all about empowering women by teaching them a skill that allows their creativity to really shine. Yup, you guessed it, this class was exactly what I was looking for.

Isn’t Tracey just the CUTEST!?!?

The actual process of arranging the flowers was surprisingly therapeutic and REALLY easy. I would find myself getting lost in my arrangement, moving flowers to see which angles showed off their best features. All the while, Tracey was giving the best instructions along with some really solid tips on how to pick and arrange flowers like a pro. This lovely woman was literally a treasure trove of helpful flower tips. She taught me how to make arrangements last longer, how to pick the right roses, how to water hydrangeas, where to get the best flowers, how to cut them, how to treat them. If you had a question, she never hesitated to answer it. But most importantly her guidance helped me create something truly delightful that I was proud of.



Alice’s Table really did a fantastic job creating a learning environment that is unique and Instagram-worthy all in one. Like I mentioned earlier, classes take place all over the United States, (even out in Hawaii, vacation anyone?) a full list of upcoming events can be found here.  The price of the classes ranges and you get 10% off of your first visit. You don’t need to bring anything except your pretty self to the class. By the end, you leave with your very own arrangement housed in a special vase just for you! I truly couldn’t have asked for a more special night. I could imagine doing this with my mom, my girlfriends, my lady, for a private party or even for a birthday party! My arrangement was a total stunner and I look for any excuse to give my girl a bouquet of flowers. Would I recommend an Alice’s Table DIY Floral Arrangement class, ABSOLUTELY!

My Finished Product!

Alice's Table Review

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