10 Essential Travel Accessories

There are certain items in this world that can make traveling a hell of a lot easier. No I’m not talking about your hair dryer or neck pillow. I’m talking about those little odds and end items that would otherwise be left out of your packing list.

After all of the traveling I’ve done I have realized that there are 10 items that are pretty damn important and should make the top of your next packing list.

  1. Laundry Bags ($4.99, Amazon)

All it takes is one sweaty shirt that you don’t have time to clean to stink up your whole backpack/suitcase. Hence why these little laundry bags are God’s gift to travelers. These bags are infused with baking soda to eliminate even the toughest odors and lightly scented with lavender. They hold a good chunk of clothes and even a pair of shoes! So say BUH-BYE to that nasty scent bubble that pops up whenever you open your bag after traveling for a couple of days.

  1. Universal Adapter ($6.99, Amazon)

This one may seem like common sense but you’d be surprised.  Hate to break it to you Americans, but the rest of the world does not have the same outlets as us. This little guy has every adapter for every region imaginable. As long as you remember to pack it you’ll be able to charge your things no matter where in the world you end up.

  1. Belkin ($17.99, Amazon)

Most of you already know how much I LOVEEEEE my Belkin from my recent post. But SERIOUSLY GUYS, I cannot say enough how many times this guy saved my ass. Think about it, you’re at the airport, you desperately need to charge your phone during your layover but there’s no more outlets left. Boom you have this guy and not only did you create an outlet for yourself but 4 MORE OUTLETS for people who may be in the same boat! Enjoy making all the new charging friends!

  1. Travel Document Holder ($3.63, Amazon)

HANDS DOWN THE BEST 4 DOLLARS YOU COULD SPEND IN YOUR LIFE. Let my try to calmly profess my love for my travel document holder. My holder truly just makes traveling a hell of a lot easier. On travel days when I’m going from one city to the next it will hold my passport, my train tickets, my boarding passes, my backup credit cards, backup cash, my copies of important documents, cool tickets from various places, LITERALLY EVERYTHING. All in one place, always organized, always easy to find. Just buy one, just do it, it’ll be the best decision you could make today.

  1. Earplugs ($6.99, Amazon)

This goes out to my homies living that hostel life. You know who you are! Tell me this isn’t the worst. It’s 1am, you have a tour booked early in the morning and the dude in the bunk across from snores like he’s part ogre. Instead of cursing the gods above you while you whole heartily contemplate throwing something at him, pop in your earplugs. BOOM. That awful sound will be muted and you can go back to dreaming about what adventures tomorrow has to bring.

  1. Coconut Oil ($10.79, Amazon)

I could go on and on about how many uses there are for coconut oil. Make up remover, moisturizer, lotion, frizz eliminator, LITERALLY EVERYTHING. I’m like that guy from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and instead of “put a little Windex on it.” I’m over here like “put a little coconut oil on it.” Just make sure you get the organic ones, that’s the good stuff.

Literally me though
  1. Peppermint & Lavender Oil ($4.99-$10.00, Amazon)

If you’re not an essential oil person then damn you are slacking FOR SURE. These little oils will change your life, no joke. I always carry these two specific scents whenever I’m on the road. The peppermint oil helps with motion sickness or nausea. PERFECT EXAMPLE:

When I was on the way to Hydroelectrica to hike Machu Picchu I had to take a 10-hour DEATH DEFYING car ride. Never in my life have I seen a man whip a 16-person van around like he thought it was a street bike. Needless to say, my peppermint oil was the only thing stopping me from puking up all of my plantain chips and coca tea all over the floor.

The lavender oil is great to use on nights you may have trouble sleeping or if you want to sleep during a long flight a simple dab behind your ear goes a longggg way. Even better, a couple of drops can freshen up even the FUNKIEST things in your backpacks (I’m talking about those flats ladies!!).

  1. Journal ($5.00-$20.00, Amazon)

Okay, I get it, you’re not a writer, you don’t have time to sit down and write when traveling, or you just don’t like to write. But let me tell you, journaling while traveling is SUCH A GOOD IDEA. They don’t have to be long, detailed entries full of life epiphanies. But just quick entries about your days will retain fond memories that may otherwise fade with time. There have been countless times I’ll go back and re-read my travel journals and go “Oh man I COMPLETELY forgot all about that.” It’s a great way to bring you back to that happy place you found out there in the world. Have a second on the subway, write. Sitting on the train for a couple of hours, write. Flying back home, write. Having breakfast on a gorgeous patio overlooking some water, get out that damn journal, grab a pen and WRITE.

My birthday is in August, JUSTTTT SAYIN’
  1. External Hard Drive ($58.99, Amazon)

I know this one is a little pricey but it is worth every cent. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s to BACK UP YOUR THINGS. You never know what could happen, your stuff could get stolen, your memory card could get lost in a hostel/hotel/campsite somewhere ORRRR if you’re like me you could just drop your stuff into the Adriatic ocean. That means POOF all of your precious, Instagram worthy pictures disappear. Even if you’re not bringing a laptop on your travels, having an external is always a good idea. Internet cafes are pretty much everywhere.

  1. Portable Battery Charger ($14.99, Amazon)

This one is also pretty basic. Having some kind of back up charger is just convenient in this digital age. Sometimes you never know how long it’ll be before you get to your next outlet. “OH MAN THERE’S A LLAMA HANGING OUT NEXT TO ME, LEMME TAKE A PICTURE.” Oh wait, your phone is dead. Not if you take my adviceeee.

This could be YOU

Have any essential items that you always pack? Let me know in the comments! Keep movin’.


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