Appreciate your Travel Friends

Sometimes on the road you come across these people who in a matter of moments become natural additions to your tribe. You forge these strong bonds in distant lands, with people from all over the word, over one of kind moments, leaving a special regard for them in your heart.


But as quick as those memories form, the paths detach and you part with warm wishes to meet again. Both of you leaving having learned more about each other and yourself. Then, every once in awhile those paths pleasantly cross again.


One thing is for sure, reunions with your travel friends are AWESOME. You already know they’re always eager to go exploring with you. They will gladly try a speakeasy you heard about, indulge in all you can eat sushi, hike to that great view, drive 3 hours to come see you because you’re in the same state, zip line down a mountain or happily waste an afternoon in the ocean.


If your path winds through their home they’ll offer a bed, a meal, and my personal favorite, an endless supply of laughter. Not to mention they will shower you with insider tips on how to enjoy neighborhoods you never even considered. From Colombian restaurants with the best black bean soup to which goodies deserve sampling in Dolores Park or uncovering which neighborhoods in London are covered in street art and even where you can enjoy a gorgeous view of an Australian sunset.


They will teach you about whatever country they call home. You’ll learn about unique cultures, try the most delicious food, dance all night and probably be offered some regional liquor that is so strong it could probably put hair on your chest. Of course it would be rude to say no, so you delight in whatever direction they steer you.


So don’t take those travel friendships for granted. Let yourself make friends with people all over the world. You never know when you’re heading in their direction. Even when you’re not traveling stay in touch. We live in a digital age so there really isn’t an excuse anymore no matter where in the world you may be. When you are traveling, send a postcard, exchange stories, and grow alongside each other until those paths cross again. Not to throw the cheese bomb at the end of the entry but the best souvenir you could ever get from a place is a true friend.


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