Get $40 OFF Your Next Trip: Save Money When You Sign Up For Airbnb

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If you’ve never heard about Airbnb then let me fill you in. Rather than spending loads of money on a run of the mill hotel room, you can experience destinations all over the world in a whole new way. Get the most out of local life when you’re right in the middle of it. From entire villas, modern flats and small rooms to rest your head Airbnb can help you with all of that! I want to help you by getting you $40 off your first trip when you sign up for Airbnb.

This postcard looking beach in Nice was a 5-minute walk from my $27 a night apartment

Airbnb is a free to join platform where hosts will offer their spaces for you to stay in. You can opt to have an entire place to yourself or a private room. I have stayed at Airbnbs all over the world, have tried their “experiences” and am just an overall HUGE advocate for them. From New York City to Argentina. From Poland to Dresden. Airbnb is a way to get your independence on while enjoying life a bit slower.

One of my personal favorites was this colorful gem for $15 a night in the heart of Dresden, Germany. **The BEST Kebab shop was across the street.

A nice, relaxing break from someone who has been hopping from hostel to hostel or a chance to make yourself feel at home.  Now is your chance to try this amazing, affordable new form of accommodation while scooping up some MAJOR savings! Get ready to plan your next trip because today I’m giving you $40 OFF your next trip when you sign up for Airbnb.


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