Get Your Instagram Story Ready: Austin’s Newest Pop Up Shop: The FOMO Factory

Pop up shops are the newest sensations popping up (pun intended) all over the world. Household brands are creating Instagram playgrounds that are marketing gold for the companies but also a hell of a good time for the people that visit. The wildly popular and colorful exhibits like The Museum of Ice Cream and The Dream Machine are making their rounds around the United States and Austin just became the next destination to receive a new addition. The FOMO Factory pop up shop in Austin, Texas is a colorful millennial playground with rooms designed for maximum childhood fun and the perfect shot.


This installation is a short walk from the famous, lively 6th street in a space that was formally an ATX bar called, Headhunters. Upon arrival, guests are given name tags and encouraged to put their childhood nicknames. The entire design of the FOMO factory is to embrace your inner child and leave adulting at the door.

The pop-up shop is 4,000 sq. ft where you are brought back to the best parts of your childhood. Interactive installations let you get hands-on with the art and participation is not only encouraged it is HIGHLY recommended. Like when I noticed that there was a giant cake set up in the middle of a room. I jokingly mentioned to one of the sweetest employees there, Fandango, that I had always wanted to jump out of a cake. She stopped me, insisted I take a video of me jumping out of the cake and then goes “oh wait, you know what, I have confetti, let me go get it.” Which naturally turned into the two of us cackling as I threw massive wads of confetti in the air while jumping out of this cake. #Livingmybestlife

A short walk up a set of vibrant stairs and you’re walking into a world of cupcakes, rainbows, disco balls, rubber duckies and all that’s good in life. Expect bright spaces optimized for fun and selfies. Speaking of selfies, if you’re traveling by yourself and worried about how to take any fun pictures, fret not. The staff there are wonderful and incredibly friendly.


They too are sporting their childhood nicknames on their name tags and having just as much fun as you are. They were so helpful during my visit that they deserve some praise. Each and every one of them were jumping at the chance to help take the best pictures or boomerangs and let’s be real, they know you’re doing it for the ‘gram. Which means that they go from helpful employee to hype man, creative director, and photographer, all in one. They will WERK all the angles, shower you in confidence, make sure you get that perfect shot and encourage stopping in every photo op.  Aside from getting your new profile picture, they’re also making sure that your adult worries get left outside.

I had packed my tripod and was going through the motions of setting up my first shot to snag some content and one of the staff members came in and was like “Girl I got you. What are you visioning?” Trust me, if you’re a solo traveling blogger those are like hallelujah choirs going off in your ears. I wasn’t spending all of that time setting up a tripod, breaking it down, moving to the next room, and doing the process over again. I could walk through, enjoy myself and most importantly, actually play and have way more fun than I probably should have been having by myself.


The space has a bunch of sponsors offering sweet treats with a Texas taste. Nadamoo is a local Austin company that makes DELICIOUS dairy-free coconut milk ice cream and they offer small tasting cups (for free) in the FOMO Factory. Finding out I was being given ice cream after a day of dealing with Texas humidity was praise worthy! The ice cream is creamy and there are a bunch of tasty flavors like caramel cold brew and cookies, strawberry cheesecake, and birthday cake cookie dough.

Wash that down with another taste of some Texas love, Snapple.  Which I didn’t realize was a Texas company until I called up the FOMO Factory to ask a question while writing this post and spoke to my girl Calico (who by the way, can slay the rap verse of  “Waterfalls” by TLC like Lisa Left Eye herself). She told me that their sponsors are companies based out of Texas, YAASSS to supporting some local love.

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Now for some technical information. The FOMO Factory was initially intended to be open for two months (ending in late October). However, popularity soared and I just noticed that they are now open through late December! So if you live in Austin or coming through for a visit make sure you check out this amazing experience before it’s gone!

The FOMO Factory is open Thursdays and Fridays from 2pm to 8pm, and Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm to 8pm. Tickets are sold in time slots and your ticket is good for a 60-minute visit. You can buy your ticket here. The facility is 100% kid friendly and service animals are allowed. Adult tickets are $23, children under 12 are $15 and kids under 3 are FREE.


Each room is just as unique as the last and has a clear theme. You don’t know what you’ll find in the next room but trust me when I tell you no matter where you wander (even the bathroom) is a sensory delight. You’ll have the chance to indulge in some sweets, get serenaded AND walk out with a star quality selfie. Have you been to the FOMO Factory in Austin, Texas? Comment below and tell me your favorite part!


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