Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas From a Plus Size Woman

I’m a sucker for any event that requires a costume. Which means that Halloween is my jam. I always try to think of creative costumes that go way beyond your sexy devil or school girl costume. No no no, this is the time of year I can channel my favorite things and go ALL OUT. No store bought costume here (mostly for the fact that what costume companies consider “plus size” is laughable and I never fit into them.) When I do Halloween, I do it in a way that’s authentic, made for my body and inexpensive. Another way I do Halloween is at the last minute, every damn time.

There have been years that I’ll come up with my idea in August and then October 27 rolls around and I remember that I don’t have any of the pieces I need. Which means that when it comes to putting a plus size Halloween costume together last minute, I’m your girl. Here are some of my costumes from the past that have been perfect for when I needed something unique and in a pinch.

The Hamburglar

@Jackiewhyy sporting a fresh, Angelica Pickles costume too!

What you’ll need: striped dress, red gloves, black cape, black eye mask, black hat

If you’re extra like me: I fashioned a Mcdonalds take out bag to act as my purse that night. PEOPLE LOVED IT. It really pulled my costume together and multiple people asked if I was going to pull out a hamburger whenever I reached in. Thanks to Steph we managed to even fashion this incredible tie that has hamburgers and French fries on it! All we used was a sock Steph found and a cardboard tie shaped cutout that we pinned the sock around.



What you’ll need: a piece of orange fabric, some seashells, a piece of linen material, a straw skirt, and LOTS of safety pins. This costume was super easy and just required being a little crafty. I took the orange tube top, Steph drew in the same pattern using a black fabric marker and I pinned on the shells. Then I wrapped the top on myself, pinned it and boom I had the tube top. As for the skirt, I pinned a child’s luau straw skirt (the only one I could find two days before Halloween) to the linen fabric, wrapped it around me and pinned!

If you’re extra like me: I fashioned my own oar with Maui’s autograph using a cheap wooden oar I found at the craft shop and then Steph copied Maui’s autograph. I also made a make-shift Hei Hei using a print out of him that I slapped on a cardboard box, inexpensive but effective! I also found a Moana necklace on Amazon that also came with a flower to put in my hair for less than $10.

Danny & Sandy from Grease


My costume this year and I’m still shocked at how easy it was to put together. Every single piece besides my shoes were pieces I already owned and came from my closet.

What You’ll Need: 

For Sandy: Black top, black leather jacket, belt with a big buckle, red heels (honestly I would link the heels I bought but they were the worst GD heels I’ve ever put on my feet and I never ever ever intend on wearing them again), red lipstick, and black pants (I used these AH-MAZING faux leather leggings from Express that will have you FEELIN’ SEXYYYY and even go up to a size 18)

For Danny: Black tee, leather jacket, black belt, black jeans, slicked back hair, black boots

If you’re extra like me: I was really aiming for the “tell me about it….stud” moment from the movie and I found the perfect vintage-inspired cat eye sunglasses that gave me that extra bit of sex appeal.

I’ll say that after wearing this outfit for my Sandy costume, I realized how damn good I felt while wearing it and now I’m probably going to work it into my everyday outfit rotation.

Carmen SanDiego OR Vanna White

@Jackiewhyy coming through with ANOTHER last minute costume idea

So these two costumes come with two funny stories. I’ll start with how the Vanna White costume came about. My girl Jackie Y. and I had a party that night and she still didn’t have a costume. Lucky for her she had a sparkly, slinky dress in her closet and noticed it right as her mom suggested that with a couple of letters she could be the glamourous letter girl from Wheel of Fortune, Vanna White. BOOM COSTUME COMPLETED. Her mom even went as far as to fashion the perfect two letter cards F&U.

The next funny story regards my Carmen Sandiego costume. I found the perfect red jacket to complete my look at the thrift store. This long red, vintage jacket that I knew would stay in my closet forever. WELL, I was so excited about my costume that when I ran into my mom later that day I wanted to show it off. I march myself into the room and she takes one look at me and goes, “Chantel that’s my coat.”

To which I quickly responded with “Mom, I literally just bought this coat at Savers this afternoon.”


She goes, “Yeah I DONATED THAT COAT TO SAVERS THREE DAYS AGO. Look there’s a stain on the lining from when I spilled wine when I went on a date with your father to that restaurant that has the really nice lapas.”


Sure enough, there was the tiniest red wine stain on the inside.

“Damn Mom you could have saved me $8.”

So yes, the coat that I purchased was directly from my mother’s closet and now I will never get rid of it for sure. CRAZY.

What You’ll Need:

For Carmen Sandiego: A red jacket, a red hat, leather gloves, and a briefcase

For Vanna White: A sparkly long dress and some letter cards that you can make with posterboard or cardboard, and a permanent marker

Cheech & Chong


This couples (or bff) costume is great because it’s EXTREMELY likely that you can find all of the pieces at your local thrift store. Depending on who you want for your Halloween costume to be you’ll need to scout out different pieces.

What you’ll need: 

For Cheech: You’ll need a red beanie, a yellow top, khakis, and red suspenders

For Chong: Denim buttondown, denim pants, red bandana, and glasses

If you’re extra like me: Really embrace this pot-loving duo by crafting up a makeshift joint using construction paper. We opted to make a giant one, just like in the movie!

Hunter S. Thompson


Another SUPER easy, last-minute costume where everything can be found at your local thrift shop. Channel the father of gonzo journalism with just a few pieces.

What you’ll need: You really just need a Hawaiian shirt, bucket hat and a briefcase (I used the same one from my Carmen Sandiego costume the year before). That’s it.

If you’re extra like me: Go even further by snagging a cheap cigarette holder for Hunter’s iconic look. Fear & Loathing in the Halloween Party!

Spinelli from Recess


What you’ll need: Pull off this 90’s classic with a pair of motorcycle boots, a red dress, a leather jacket, a mustard beanie and a pair of pigtails.

If you’re extra like me: Spinelli actually wears stripped tights in the Recess series. HOWEVER, this year I REALLY procrastinated putting together my last minute Halloween costume and threw this together an hour before leaving the Halloween party. So sue me, I’m wearing black tights but I totally could go for striped tights in the future!

Linda & Bob from Bob’s Burgers


Another really easy couple (or bff) costume idea. I’ll break this Halloween costume by character.

What you’ll need: 

For Bob: White tee, apron get a two pack here, and a mustache

For Linda: Red shirt, red frame glasses, and an apron

**Let me just quickly put a side note that having an apron at a Halloween party is amazing. Keep all of your things on you and sneak some candy in those pouches and you don’t have to worry about carrying a purse around the entire time.

If you’re extra like me: Whoever opts to be Bob can tie their entire costume together by carrying around a spatula to let people know you’re ready to flip some burgers of the day. If you’re Linda practice your best “Alrightttttt” and belt it every chance you can.



This SUPER LAST MINUTE, ABOUT TO LEAVE FOR THE PARTY DIDN’T THINK OF A COSTUME, when worst comes to worst works in every situation.

What you’ll need: Gray face makeup, fake blood

If you’re extra like me: Grab some prosthetic kits from the Halloween store and give your face a textured, just got eaten by flesh-eating zombies and now I have a craving for brain look.

I hope that some of these last-minute costume ideas can help you from stressing. Whether you’re plus size, or frankly whatever size, these outfits can work for anybody. Have you ever had to put together a last minute Halloween costume? If so what did you wear? Comment below and let me know!

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