Things to do in Quarantine: Virtually Challenge your friends to a game of Tiger King Trivia! Questions & Answers included.

Corona came and rocked all of our worlds. With the world scrambling to make sense of this uncertainty there was a beacon of light that brought us all together. That light you ask? Netflix’s newest docuseries, “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness.” This hot mess express was the distraction we all needed full of big cat-loving, gun-toting, murder plotting, meth smoking, homosexual, polygamous characters is all everyone is talking about lately! Rightfully so because even when I describe it, it almost seems impossible that it could be real life.

One of the things my friends and I have been doing to avoid coming down with cabin fever is hosting virtual trivia nights via Houseparty. Each of us takes turns coming up with a topic and coming up with questions. You guys know I couldn’t pass the chance to come up with Tiger King trivia. It was such a hit and other people wanted the questions so they could host their own parties so here you have it, folks!


How it works:

There are 5 different rounds and each round has 5 questions. Questions are worth 1 point. Then there is the bonus round with three additional questions. These questions are valued at 5, 10, or 15 points which can be a real gamechanger at the end. This is the model that I followed but you guys can really make it your own.


Round 1

1. Travis was from what west coast state?
– California
2. Finish the praise, “hey all you cool cats”
– and kittens
3. What was the name of Carole Baskin’s second husband?
– Don Lewis
4. True or false? Tiger’s stomachs are acidic enough to break down bones.
– True
5. Doc Antle has how many wives?
– 3

Round 2

6. Finish the song lyrics, “I saw tiger and ….”
– the tiger saw man
7. What political party did Joe exotic run as for President?
– libertarian or independent
8. What country did Carole say Don disappeared to?
– Costa Rica
9. What is it called when the meth rots your teeth?
– meth mouth
10. What is Doc Antle’s first name?
– Bahgavan

Round 3

11. Where is Don Lewis supposedly buried under?
– the septic tank
12. What big chain store did the expired meat come from?
– Walmart
13. What are the names of all of Joe Exotic’s husbands seen in the documentary?
– Travis, John, Dillan
14. What is Joe Exotic’s producer’s name?
– Rick Kirkham
15. Where is Joe Exotic’s zoo located?
– Oklahoma

Round 4

16. How do you spell Joe Exotic’s real last name?
– Schreibvogel
17. What kind of vehicle did Jeff Lowe bring baby Cubs onto in Vegas?
– Party Bus 18. What building was burnt down on Joe Exotic’s property by an arsonist?
– studio/gator house
19 . What is Jeff Lowe right-hand man named?
– Allen Glover
20. What does Carole suggest to cover a person in if they want big cats to eat it?
– sardine oil

Round 5

21. What is the name of Carol Baskin’s Sanctuary?
– Big Cat Rescue
22. Joe Exotic pretended to be in what Latin American country?
– Belize
23. How does Joe describe Travis’s balls at his funeral?
– Golden Nuggets
24. Who is the strip club owning turned informant seen jet skiing at the end?
– James Garretson
25. What does Joe say he’s never going go financially recover from?
– His employee losing a hand



1. Mario Tabro was criticized as an exotic pet owner because he was a convicted felon. His crimes were the inspiration behind what movie? (5 points)
2. At what age did Joe Exotic know he was gay? (10 points)
3. True or false? That bitch Carole Baskin murdered her husband and fed him to the tigers. (15 points)
– True *open to your opinion*

I hope you guys enjoy! Stay home and stay safe all you cool cats and kittens! 🐅


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