Top Things To Do in Madrid

Ay Espana! Some of you may remember when I professed my love for Barcelona. If you don’t remember you can refresh your memory HERE. But Barcelona and Madrid are polar opposites when it comes to cities. Sure both have a never-ending flow of good wine and some of the best food you’ll ever eat. But … Continue reading Top Things To Do in Madrid

10 Churches You Need to See in Europe

I often run into travelers that are so completely over visiting churches by the end of their Europe trip. I get it, there's that phrase "if you've seen one church you've seen them all." That couldn't be farther from the truth if we're talking churches in Europe. Each church is unique. Stylistically, historically and culturally. … Continue reading 10 Churches You Need to See in Europe

10 Things to do Your First Time in Barcelona

There is this attitude embodied in Spain that is all about enjoying the best parts of life. Love, laughter and a full stomach (now I sound like one of those cheesy quotes people stick on their walls). But really though, the people are gorgeous and welcoming. The food is hearty and some of my personal favorite. … Continue reading 10 Things to do Your First Time in Barcelona

Showcase of Street Art

Check out some of the DOPEST street art from all over the world!

Feeling Poetic

I will say right now that I am not the poetry type. However, looking out of the window of a train taking me from one wonder to the next, I was feeling inspired. TRAIN LIFE I see the world through a glare Which, does not bother me. Though this glare divides me and great seas, without … Continue reading Feeling Poetic