That Time I Lost My Bra in Budapest

One of the realities of being on the road for an extended period of time is that SOMETIMESSSS things get left in places, never to be seen again. I try my damn hardest to stay organized but it really does just happen sometimes. I, unfortunately, have a reputation for losing my things while traveling, like … Continue reading That Time I Lost My Bra in Budapest

10 Churches You Need to See in Europe

I often run into travelers that are so completely over visiting churches by the end of their Europe trip. I get it, there's that phrase "if you've seen one church you've seen them all." That couldn't be farther from the truth if we're talking churches in Europe. Each church is unique. Stylistically, historically and culturally. … Continue reading 10 Churches You Need to See in Europe

Showcase of Street Art

Check out some of the DOPEST street art from all over the world!

Today I visited Auschwitz….

Nothing really prepares you for walking through a former working death camp. I figured I had done so much research on the Holocaust that it would only make sense to visit the place I've been reading about for over 10 years. But then you walk through the famous sign bearing the ironic phrase "Arbeit Macht … Continue reading Today I visited Auschwitz….