Hi Ya World!

Hey so my name’s Chantel and if there’s one thing you should know about me is that I have one true joy in my life, seeking knowledge. I always want to be learning and I truly cannot get enough of it. Wrap that into my passion for exploring the earth to as far as it will take me pretty much persuaded me to create this new blog baby.

So here’s to my first blog post! *woot woot* I want this to be about my voyage to create my beautiful life. I want to share my journeys across the globe and all that I learn along the way.

Now here’s the part where I drop the backstory on you. I graduated college almost two years ago and like most twentysomething postgrad students, found a job that paid well but had nothing to do with my expensive piece of paper (aka my degree). In college I always had these grand dreams of what post grad life would look like. Then I graduated and realized that what you may have envisioned isn’t what life has in store for you.

But I wasn’t going to let that derail me, I figured if I chose to be out of school longer than anticipated I would make it worth my while. It was then and there that I texted my girlfriend and asked if she would make 2015 our year of travel. I wanted to see places I’ve never seen before and I wanted to work my ass off so that I could.

That is where the voyaging vagabond came into play. This new blog will be the keeper of my discoveries both past and present. My only wish is that you may read some of what I’ve written and be inspired to seek knowledge for yourself. Learn something that you never knew before, go somewhere you’ve only dreamed of exploring and create a life that is special to you and those you love.

Life is a voyage where you hold the compass….

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