My First European Backpacking Trip

As you may have read I have deemed 2015 my “year of travel”. Part of that was to do something I’ve wanted to do since I was 16, backpack Europe. May of this year my dream will finally be coming true! After working my ass off for a year (I mean 5 jobs, no days off for months on end, ouf!) I am now a month away from boarding a plane with the love of my life and exploring Europe for all it has to offer for 2 months.

I’ve been to Europe before (Italy and the motherland aka Portugal) but never have I done it on my own, I always traveled with a travel company or a family member and just got schlepd from place to place. But now I am ready to take the reins and navigate my way through 12 different countries in 2 months. So in lieu of my quickly approaching 25th birthday I figured what better way to celebrate my quarter life crisis than throw all my essentials in a backpack and do Europe the way I’ve always wanted to.

As of right now this is the rough itinerary:

May – Spain, Italy, Greece

June- Croatia, Budapest, Poland, Germany, Prague, Austria

July- Belgium, Amsterdam, possiblyyyy Paris

Granted this may change drastically but as of right now this is what the plan looks like. Everyday brings a new level of excitement and seeing all my planning finally start to pay of (i.e. getting tickets to a bullfight in Madrid during the International Bullfighting Competition) is a whole new feeling. The funny thing is that I have an internal to do list in my head (which I’ll eventually post for all my fellow travelers) and everyday I go through it and realize that there’s practically nothing left.

As of right now I could load up my backpack and leave tomorrow, which, truthfully speaking I would love to do. The next month will not pass quick enough.

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