Tips & Tricks for Italy

Heading to Italy? Don't forget to pack these tips & tricks!

What Travel Day means for a Backpacker

Visiting all the new places seems glamorous. But I'll really tell you what it's like when you travel from city to city.

Tips & Tricks for Spain

Hello Readers. At this time I am currently sitting in a train station in Villach, Austria. Slowly but surely I am making my way down to Split, Croatia for some fun in the sun. I thought it would be useful to all my fellow travelers and future travelers to put together a “tips & tricks” … Continue reading Tips & Tricks for Spain

5 Sure Fire Ways to Avoid Jetlag

One of the killers of traveling is jet lag. You get super excited about traveling to your dream destination, only to get slapped with a case of the cranky’s as soon as you touch down. You want to explore but your body is pleading with you to take a small nap. Then you give in, … Continue reading 5 Sure Fire Ways to Avoid Jetlag

How the HELL do you fit two months in a backpack…

Since I am currently three hours away from heading to the airport to start my 2 month backpacking endeavor I saw it fit to talk about how the hell you pack for a trip like this! Most people will say “Okay Chantel, so you’re going to go backpacking for two months but how the heck … Continue reading How the HELL do you fit two months in a backpack…

10 Reasons to visit Madeira….NOW

Guys, as a proud daughter of Portuguese immigrants you know it would only be right for me to talk about the Motherland. Let's be serious, I know some of you are thinking "I'm surprised it took you this long". I know I know, so today on this dreary Monday I want to bring you ten … Continue reading 10 Reasons to visit Madeira….NOW