Travel Tips From a Plus Size Woman


I know all of you folks have been scrolling on Instagram, looking at all of these skinny broads effortlessly posing on the edge of an infinity pool in Thailand. But LISTEN UP, us chubby chicks like to travel too and dammit we are absolutely KILLIN IT!

I can say this because I am PROUDLY one of those girls. Now, I have tried and tried again to break away from my childhood of hot dogs and sweets and live a completely healthy lifestyle. But the fact of the matter is that once a fat kid, always a fat kid. I go weak at the knees for a batch of mozzarella sticks, I never say no to pizza and I lose it at an top notch sushi joint. YES. 🙏 #judgeme

However, I stopped thinking a LONG time ago that I was going to let weight EVER hold me back. So that means, that not only myself, but us thick girls in general are throwing on the 25lbs backpacks, packing the two piece, hoppin’ on planes and GOING. Shout out to you ladies!

I wanted to put together a little guide compiled of some really helpful tips so all of my plus size ladies can travel like a pro! I broke this guide down into three separate parts. The first being the nitty-gritty, we’re gonna get a little real today! The next is how to flawlessly snap those pics that will have your friends dying to join you on the next trip! Then the last is just a friendly reminder to own it and live unapologetically! My fellow big girls are going to be stopping traffic after getting into this guide.

You know your tan is on point when you start blending into the cliffs. Portugal 2016.


That being said, let’s be frank. Ladies, I know that since the good Lord graciously added a little bit of padding to my curves he also decided to have me sweat the minute I do anything besides a brisk jog. This meaning that yes, ya girl can sweat.

I mean c’mon guys. A tight metro, an even tighter club, PHYSICAL ACTIVITY IN GENERAL, I can’t help it. BUT I make it look good. I will be damned if I’m caught without a fabulous hand fan or a special handkerchief when I travel. I discovered the beauty of a handheld fan the minute I went to Spain. I watched women everywhere charming me with their effortless elegance as they flutter their fans to stay cool in the Spanish sun. I bought a fan ASAP. Aside from a new accessory when I went out dancing this baby kept me cool in all KINDS of situations. Talk about a godsend.

My left hand man. Spain 2016

So was the handkerchief, call me an old lady but I love the idea of having a handkerchief with some really pretty embroidery. I think it’s a beautiful tradition worthy of upholding so whenever I travel I seek out a local textile shop (usually with an old lady sewing in the corner) and stock up on a couple of really special pieces for a really affordable price. These guys are the best things ever on a night out. Forget tissues that are going to get caked on your face, THAT’S NOT CUTE.

Instead you can look like you’re fresh out of the 1920’s as you remove your handkerchief from your clutch to lightly wipe your brow as some gorgeous fella catches your eye across the way. You smile, he smiles, MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN. So romantic. Handkerchief, you can’t go wrong (also, what a unique keepsake that will weigh nothing on your back). Washable, Reusable, CONVENIENT and oh so adorable!

Support your local old ladies! Croatia 2016.

Last, and the by far the worst for us plus size travelers. CHUB RUB. AKA THE DEVILS CURSE AKA THIGHS OF FIERY HELL. If my skinny folks are still reading by now (we love you tooooo!!) and may be wondering what Chub Rub is, LET ME TELL YOU.

It is the god awful reaction of your two beautiful thick thighs rubbing together all day on a hot day. This reaction comes in the form of some serious irritation and in some cases (poor Steph!) ACTUAL OPEN WOUNDS. Chub Rub is the worst in general, but on the road, it’s especially bad. Nobody wants to go through a travel day with their thighs feeling like they just kissed a blowtorch. However ladies, in my time I have tried a LOT (and I mean a lot) of solutions and have found three that work flawlessly.

  1. Hands down my favorite solution to dealing with Chub Rub is using my Bandelettes! These sexy, lace bands are the answer to all of your chaffing prayers! Each band is placed around your upper thigh and creates a buffer between your two beautiful thighs. Not only are these a godsend and super functional they are ALSO Sexy. As. Hell! I’m not going to lie the second I place these over my thighs I feel my inner Beyonce come out and love showing them off! They also come in 6 different sizes and in a bunch of different colors so you’re bound to find a pair that you’ll love as much as I love mine!
  2. Spray on deodorant: A spritz on each inner thigh will have you feeling good for hours. Even on a hot day!
  3. Bike Shorts: I bought myself those $4.00 cotton bike shorts from Forever21 and I NEVER go on a trip without them! I wear them under dresses, maxis, skirts. Nobody ever sees them and they give me the perfect coverage to keep that nasty Chub Rub away! Plus they tuck my tummy in a little and I know I’ll never say no to that!
2203-2019-013521968898791835955 (1)
Keeping it sexy and comfortable in my Bandelettes. Florida, 2019.

How to Take Those Killer Travel Pictures

Part of being a vivacious, curvacious Goddess is embracing what you have! This is especially true when you’re snapping a pic! I KNOW I KNOW, it’s easy to get a little self-conscious as a plus size woman taking pictures in front of people. Maybe you’re a little shy in front of the camera. But I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to be you! The best pictures are the ones where your personality shines, you have to let that moment wrap you up and let it come gleaming across your face! Laugh a little and give a big ole’ smile to all those haters who said this couldn’t be done.

Try those poses you’ve seen. Want to jump in the air, DO IT! Want to be peeking behind your shoulder as you walk off into some distant land, DO IT! Want to be captivatingly laughing at the ground, DO IT! Want to take off your top and throw your hands in the air, DO IT! Try new poses, switch things up, shake your arms up and just let it flow from within you. If you tell yourself you’re slaying this backdrop then dammit you sure will.

Fabulously walking away from Adulthood like BYEEE. Hawaii 2016

BE BOLD! This one is my personal go-to mantra. Find backdrops that POP. See a white building with blue shutters and you’re in a yellow dress. GOOD LAWWWWWD, THAT’S A GOOD PIC. Wrap yourself in colors and let your pictures be as loud and commanding as you are in real life. I always gravitate towards street art, tile work, unique doors and ALWAYS one picturesque postcard living majestic view to take my pictures in front of.

Sydney 2016.

Let’s quickly mention wardrobe, for myself, I am a woman of accessories. Which means that I ALWAYS pack some statement pieces. Whether it be a hat, a necklace, a bright dress, a scarf, or even a unique pair of sunglasses. Accessories will help your pictures and your outfit stand out. (Not to mention that they will help you wear the same outfit three different ways, can I get an AMEN?!) These will not only make your picture even MORE powerful but also show off your noteworthy style! *Snap*

Probably wondering if I can catch the ice cream cart. Seville 2016.


Listen, like I said I never let my weight hold me back. But sometimes if I’m climbing up some 1,000 steps to the top of a fortress in Montenegro, I might need a break or a second to catch my breath AND THAT’S OKAY. Let’s be real, I would TOTALLY need a break. You should always push yourself but be mindful of listening to what your body needs too. So what it may take you longer to get to the top, you’re still going to get there aren’t you?! That view will still be waiting for you, no matter what pace you go at!

Okay and as far as clothing goes. Scared to rock that crop top or bikini? GO FOR IT. My wardrobe game instantly switched up (for the better I think) the minute I stopped listening to all the things my mom would tell me I “shouldn’t do” while growing up. I shouldn’t wear tops that showed my stomach, I shouldn’t wear a bikini, I shouldn’t wear high waisted shorts. WRONGGGG WRONG WRONG WRONGGGG. Plenty of plus size girls (including yours truly) are embracing all of these styles and unquestionably SLAYING-THA-GAME.

Firm believer of showing off your stomach no matter what size it is! Montenegro 2016.

So just be you in whatever way that may be. That’s the most important lesson. Crush down those walls that you see around you saying you can’t go here or you can’t try that. Embrace the body that you were given because it is a beautiful, unique and special one that deserves to see the world! Live boldly and allow yourself to be a proud plus size traveler! If you need some more words of encouragement, come find Voyaging Vagabond on Instagram so I can shower you in all the compliments you deserve!

FAB-U-LOUUUUSSS. Italy 2015.




50 thoughts on “Travel Tips From a Plus Size Woman

  1. Super inspiring blog Chantal! I, too am graced with those extra pounds and your post really resonated with me. So much so, I’ve followed ya! 😉

    Anyway, I loved your comment about seeing all these skinny minnies on Instagram. Please tell me – why are they all blonde these days?

    Keep flying the flag for us slightly larger ladies and I’ll be right behind you! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG JUSTINE I’M DYING 😂😂😂. You’re totally right, they ARE all blondes!! Where’s the brunette love these days?!

      Your comment is super inspiring. I will gladly wave that thick girl flag high! Forever and always. Thanks so much for the love and support!! 😘😘

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I LOVE this post!!! I think whether someone is plus-size or not, everyone should completely own who they are, their bodies and be completely unapologetic. I don’t see how being a gorgeous plus-size woman should stop you from doing anything you want to do, including travelling. Hopefully society will get that soon but I think it’s great that you’re already an example of that. It’s so great that you wrote this 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dinah, I still have my moments where I get a little self conscious. I’m human ya know! But I have to mentally remind myself that I am a unique, daring and kind woman that can make anything happen! Remind yourself that too my love!

      Stay tuned I forsee more things like this coming in the future! ❤❤😚


  3. Yes yes yes! I couldn’t love this blog post more. Thank you for putting this out there. At one point in my life, I was to nervous to travel because I felt l was too fat or too out of shape. If an amazing post like this had existed then, maybe I would have gotten out there and explored way sooner. Stay fabulous 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kassie you have me on the train in tears. My heart is melting. I am so moved that this blog post touched you the way it did. That is the whole reason why I wanted to write this. I think us plus size girls all feel that way at some point in our lives. Glad you made it to the other side, it’s a lot sunnier here!

      Keep killing it Kassie! ❤❤


  4. Loving your style! Really, love your clothes and confidence! I get sweaty too and am definitely going to remember the handkerchief tip. Wish I’d come up with this myself before leaving on our round the world trip. We’re back home now. 😉
    I’m always asking myself why every female traveler seems to be a skinny blonde model, and I’m just a regular brunette girl. No wonder I can’t seem to grow our following. But you’re right, be proud and own your pose! Thanks for this!


    1. Birthe, first thank you SO much for your compliments. I’m blushing if ya can’t tell! 😉 The handkerchief can totally come in handy for your NEXT trip! RTW trip though huh?!? How exciting! Any place REALLY stand out to you that you’d like to recommend to a certain somebody *hint* *hint*?

      LOL the #brunettestuggle. Truth my dear! 😂


      1. New Zealand is sooooo beautiful! If you like nature and hiking (our longest hike was 6 hours), it’s a perfect match! Your needs as an adrenaline junkie (you are one right?) can be serviced there as well. We loved it! We’re currently in the middle of publishing all our experiences and info on New Zealand, so hop on over to our blog to read more. 😉 Honestly, we loved every part of our round the world trip. Even going back to Thailand this summer. 🙂 Bali was great too, especially Amed, away from the crowds!

        #brunettestruggle, hahaha! Need to remember this one. 😜

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Yessssss! Love and needed to re-hear this! Oh and accessories are my main bih and they help me get through life. Cheers to being confident and owning it, because we plus-size girls are out here killing it!


    1. Star, I got you ANYTIME for a little pep talk! I would be LOST without my accessories. Like, necklace, scarf, hat, earrings, rings, CHECK.CHECK.CHECK.CHECK. ✔️

      Also, let me say, cheers to YOUR confident self girl! Keep reppin’ it! ❤ ❤


  6. I love the bike shorts trick! I constantly struggle with this when I travel to a warm place… I’ll keep this in mind for next time and also pin it ❤


  7. I want to be your travel buddy!

    Seriously though, reading this was such a boost for me. I know there have been times I’ve been afraid to go to the beach or to be in pictures because I am bigger than most of my friends but you’re right, my fabulous body deserves to see the world and gosh darn it, the world deserves to see my fabulous body!

    Much love from Turkey.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Andi I love new travel buddies!! I know what you mean all of my friends are the skinny girls that look like models the minute we get to the beach. But shit, I still look damn good in my bathing suit even if I don’t look like them. Keep building that confidence girl! It will change your life.

      Sending SO MUCH love right back to you! ❤


  8. You have put me at ease! 2018 goal: Cut the negative self-badgering and LOVE ME. I will be re-reading this as my Thailand adventure approaches in April. You and your travel photos are BEAUTIFUL!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I Love this, its raw and accurate, your confidence is inspiring! I’m also thick and I’m Chantal 😉 I’m definitely going to follow you.


    1. Thanks so much Chantal! I try to be honest about the struggles that we all face. I feel so honored to be part of your inspiration. Follow me over on IG too, I’m droppin’ the realest when it comes to plus size travel and loading each lesson with a TON of empowerment ❤ @voyaging_vagabond . Love the name, only the coolest people in the world have it haha! 😉


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