My First Cryotherapy Experience: A Review of Newport Cryotherapy

Nobody tells you that once you turn 25 your body just decides to randomly ache. Sleep on your stomach…..OUUUU you in for some lower back pain. Bad knees, sore elbows, and an ever so slightly apparent pain in your neck, that’s what adulthood is all about. Usually, a 30-minute yoga routine with my girl Adriene on Youtube sprinkled throughout my week keeps me sorted but I’m always looking for new ways to get my body feeling refreshed. Which is how I decided to freeze my body and try cryotherapy for the first time.

A friend of mine, Casey, conveniently just opened up Newport Cryotherapy with her man, Nick and could not stop telling me about the benefits. Every time I saw her she would remind me that I needed to come freeze and remind me that I was missing out. Being a person who suffers from FOMO, she started to win me over.

How cute are these two?!

I’ll admit, at first I wasn’t really into the whole standing in a tube that would QUITE LITERALLY freeze my body while wearing only a bikini. BUT I couldn’t deny all of the benefits she kept reminding me:

  • Accelerates Tissue Healing
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Burns 500-800 Calories
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Rejuvenates Skin
  • Relief from Arthritis Pain
  • Increases Energy
  • Cures Hangovers (okayyyyy, interestingggg)

So I said “screw it” and booked an appointment.

Newport Cryotherapy is a beautifully crafted location where attention to detail is key. The aim is to make people feel better through their procedures and every aspect is taken into consideration, right down to the exterior. The facility sports a cool, aqua blue exterior nestled along the tree-lined main street, Broadway. The colorful façade is welcoming and enticing. Parking is not an issue with street parking readily available, this is a luxury and a blessing when heading to downtown Newport.


Upon walking in I was blown away at how GORGEOUS this spot was. It was organized, beautifully decorated, clean, and overflowing with sunshine. They’ve really put a lot of effort into creating a relaxing spa setting that caters to the needs of their guests.


I’m not going to lie to you, I felt super anxious in the hours leading up to the appointment. I wasn’t entirely sure what to anticipate and kept wondering what it would feel like to subject my body to freezing temperatures. Prior to my appointment Casey did a really good job describing exactly how a session was going to play out. She is extremely knowledgeable of the procedure and thoroughly described exactly what each piece of equipment was designed to do for my body.

Once I filled out a quick waiver there was no turning back. I was in it to win it and I couldn’t back out at this point. Casey’s confidence and reassurance are what really soothed me and made me more excited than nervous. She put on some amazing music, got me in a soft comfy robe and insisted that I take this time to release all of the stress I was feeling and completely relax.

I started first in their infrared sauna. The sauna is another treasure trove of health benefits. Helping with things like boosting my metabolism, reducing body fat, helping with muscle circulation, reducing cellulite, rejuvenating my skin, loosening my joints AND increasing my energy. YES PLEASE TO ALL OF THAT HONEY. I probably sweat out at least 3lbs in 15 minutes. By minute 7 I was practically begging them to freeze me. As if the summer humidity wasn’t doing me in, I just willingly put myself in a sauna….in July. But it helped me get into that tranquil state of mind Casey kept encouraging. I felt the toxins leaving my body and the stress of the day melting away.


After 15 minutes in the sauna, I was given a pair of fuzzy boots along with some soft gloves and whisked away into the freeze tank. Which is just as badass as it sounds. I hopped in, tore off my robe took a deep breath and then I was off. My body was being exposed to subzero temperatures and lemme tell you…I WAS LOVING ITTTTTT. The procedure in the freeze tank is about three minutes long and in that time the temperature went down to about -224°. For someone like me who is a natural, self-proclaimed “space heater” this extreme blast of coldness felt like my prayers of not feeling like the devil was constantly breathing on me were finally answered.


I LOVED IT. I really did! I loved how it cooled my body down, I loved how it felt, I was very much so convinced that I love cryotherapy. The last 30 seconds my legs felt a little tingly but otherwise, I could have stayed in there all day (not really though because that’s not advised for health reasons). I was dancing, posing for boomerangs, eating up every second of this procedure. But if you’re not like me and you don’t feel entirely comfortable, take solace in knowing that you can stop the procedure at ANY time and someone is always there with you.


When I stepped out my body felt like it had shed a layer of nasty and donned a new, radiant layer of skin. My body felt so alive. I instantly started playing with the various gym equipment that Casey encouraged using after the procedure. I was drawn to the vibration plate which shimmies and shakes your entire body. Imagine a balance board that vibrates your entire body. I never felt my body shake that quick and even considered bringing this machine with me next time I go out dancing.

I felt so invigorated after the procedure and rejuvenated after shaking out lingering pains on the vibration plate. I decided to spend a few minutes in the Maserati’s of massage chairs. This wasn’t just your typical get a pedicure massage chair or those massage chairs you see at the mall. This baby massaged your back, your legs, your arms even balanced your checkbook. Okay, I’m kidding about the last part but as if I didn’t already feel super relaxed this massage chair was taking me to the next level.

Leave me here forever okay? K.Thx.Bye.

The overall experience was amazing. My body felt brand new, my mind felt clear and I was completely relaxed. Trying out cryotherapy was the most refreshing moment of my overwhelming week. For a little bit of time, I could focus on taking care of my body and forget about deadlines, projects and a million other things that normally swarm my mind. In the days after the procedure, I noticed that my skin was clearer and my body still felt refreshed.

Would I recommend this to other people? ABSOLUTELY. I recommend it to athletes who want to avoid the dread of post-leg day. I would recommend it to a bachelorette party that maybe went too hard the night before. I would recommend it to people riddled with joint pains and I would really just recommend this to anybody who needs a minute to slow their day down and really focus on taking care of their body.


Casey and Nick have created a health care spa facility that is perfect for the person on the go. A cryotherapy session is 10 minutes and a session including the infrared sauna lasts about 30 minutes. This small act of self-love fits perfectly into any kind of schedule. They currently offer new guests their first session for only $25 and monthly packages with up to 30 potential sessions for only $349. You can learn more about pricing over on the Newport Cryotherapy website. Be sure to like their page on Facebook to stay up to date with all of their upcoming events and follow them on Instagram to see what their every day looks like. Including funny boomerangs of their customers which is actually pretty enjoyable to watch.  They are also currently offering a deal over on Groupon so snag that up if you want to indulge in discounted sessions.

Again, I would sing my praises about this experience from mountaintops I loved it that much, seriously, just do yourself the favor and book a session.



**Disclaimer** Although this session was offered by Newport Cryotherapy all opinions are my own!





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