That time I lost my phone in Croatia

Always put your phone somewhere safe while kayaking folks! Take it from this gal.


Solo Travel: Before & After

One girl, one plane ticket, one backpack and one mission to get to Machu Picchu

Thoughts from the Train…

A train ride gives you a lot of time to think. When you have hours to just stare out a window you can't help it. So when I was on my 17 hour travel day from hell I had a lot of time to think. At one point towards the evening of my very long … Continue reading Thoughts from the Train…

Feeling Poetic

I will say right now that I am not the poetry type. However,Β looking out of the window of a train taking me from one wonder to the next, I was feeling inspired. TRAIN LIFE I see the world through a glare Which, does not bother me. Though this glare divides me and great seas, without … Continue reading Feeling Poetic