That time I lost my phone in Croatia

Always put your phone somewhere safe while kayaking folks! Take it from this gal.


Thoughts from the Train…

A train ride gives you a lot of time to think. When you have hours to just stare out a window you can't help it. So when I was on my 17 hour travel day from hell I had a lot of time to think. At one point towards the evening of my very long … Continue reading Thoughts from the Train…

Today I visited Auschwitz….

Nothing really prepares you for walking through a former working death camp. I figured I had done so much research on the Holocaust that it would only make sense to visit the place I've been reading about for over 10 years. But then you walk through the famous sign bearing the ironic phrase "Arbeit Macht … Continue reading Today I visited Auschwitz….

Feeling Poetic

I will say right now that I am not the poetry type. However,Β looking out of the window of a train taking me from one wonder to the next, I was feeling inspired. TRAIN LIFE I see the world through a glare Which, does not bother me. Though this glare divides me and great seas, without … Continue reading Feeling Poetic